Bessemer Machine is dead

Hello All,

I am sorry to say, but my band Bessemer Machine is dead. Around a year ago the bassplayer said he took a break, because he had a healthproblem which the doctors couldn’t figure out at that moment. Four months later he called in to say he quited. Sadly he didn’t miss the playing with us, so the drummer and me decided to continue with the two of us, and find some other musicians. Well that was for a week or so, and the drummer quited as well. So I have no band anymore since March or April.

This means I have more time to spend on TTF and BurenGerucht. New tracks will come, I think.


Website broken

Hello world!

Today I discovered (thanks to SumBeam) that something was broken on the website.

But!! I fixed it, but not before I wrecked the hole damn thing.



Hello all!

Finally there is a result of the hard work. BurenGerucht has finished it’s first song! And it is a good piece of work, if I may say so.

Check it out in the audio-section, on the bottom.


Rehearsel last thursday

Ok, last thursday was the second rehearsel of my new band (the one that is unnamed at the moment). We played some of the riffs of the first time, and had a cosy chat. Then I started playing an old riff of mine, clean, no distortion. And the other two liked it pretty much. And the bassplayer picked it up perfectly. The drummer though had some sort of a problem… He could not find any sort of a rythm. It was no 4/4 or 6/4 or anything, but was weird, according to him. And the bassplayer started counting, while I was playing. He figured out that the riff was very easy, but the first note I play, should be an up-stroke. And then all the accents should be perfect on the count. I agreed, so the drummer was trying that. And still he couldn’t figure it out.

After an hour or so, I said I would record it, so he could figure it out at home. And I started playing an old punksong, wich I wrote during the time with The E.N.D. And instantly they joined playing, and the song is allmost finished… So that should be our first song, I guess. Sounds weird now I think about it. Next rehearsel with Bessemer Machine I should ask the others, if it’s ok to use it in the new band.

And every riff that is played afterwards were old riffs of mine, and they all are accepted here. But in The E.N.D./BleiFrei they were all burned down to the ground. I don’t care, I can use ‘em here now.

Let’s what next rehearsel is gonna bring us. I am going to do some cleaning up now.


My second project has been named: Burengerucht. We are allmost finished with the first track. And I allready started a second one. But we will have to see if it is suitable for Burengerucht, of that it will be TTF. We’ll see.

Till next time!


A little update

Update in the music section:

I’ve added one more project. When I started with a new song, it was intended for TestTubeFailure. But it worked out pretty well. So we (yes, that means I am not doing this one alone) decided to make it a whole new project, with a new name. The name will be announced soon!

And I’ve also added another band. This band was initiated a couple of months ago. And for now I am sattisfied with how things are going. This band is still nameless, when a name comes up, I will anounce it here.

Extra section:

I’ve added the section “Audio”. Here you can hear my the music I have made, during the years. And when there is some new stuff, it will be placed there as well.

And I’ve added some links (down on the right of the screen).

’till next time,


PS: I’m still fighting with the part for people to log in…

And still with the part to move the forum over here as well. I still need the data dump, but the #&@^$#^@ still didn’t gave it to me.



I’m still working on my site. Everytime there is something new, I will post it here.


Naar boven

Welcome to my site

I am working on it, so I will be adding and deleting things every now and then.